A Great Day!

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Ministry News

What a great day we enjoyed at the Ministry Golf Classic!  The weather was perfect, we had lots of fun and some great winning moments!  Thank you to our students and coaches, our business sponsors and our golfers.

Currently, I am on my way back to Michigan after spending a long weekend with our supporters in Miami.  It was great to reconnect with all the folks at Kendall Presbyterian this past Sunday.  I shared the message, “Overcoming Giants” based on Joshua 1:9, one of my favorite verses.  

Churches are such an important part of the whole equation in ministry.  Val and I are thankful for the churches we have behind us.  We look forward to a much greater church base for Moriah in the years to come.

Amazingly, I am headed back to Alabama in August.  Coach Burgess of the Lady Lakers Basketball team has asked me to lead her players in a service project trip to Tuscaloosa, providing continued tornado relief work.  We are being welcomed back to the city by the same folks we worked with in May.  We will camp out at the same church and the members there have already offered to provide us with home cooked breakfasts and suppers each day.  I am humbled by this welcome AND by the opportunity to “Serve Tuscaloosa” with the Lady Lakers!  If you would like to support this summer project, your gifts labeled “Serve Tuscaloosa” are welcomed.  

Summer is traditionally a slow financial time for ministries, so your support of any kind is deeply appreciated. 

Chap Andy

P.S.  Here is our family’s favorite version of Joshua 1:9, taught to us by ministry friend, Byron Olson. “Yes, be bold and strong, banish fear and doubt, for remember, the Lord your God is with you, wherever you go!”  This is truth we can all count on.

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