Life Coaches – Serving Lakers Football (Anthony Adams with Chap Andy), Men’s and Women’s Track and Field/Cross Country  (Jamie Balcom) and Basketball (Chap Andy), Moriah life coaches are on call 24/7, reaching out, serving, encouraging and challenging student athletes.  Our goal is to provide a life coach to serve each GVSU team; offering athletes care, encouragement and support in the “game” of life. Life Coaches serve under the direction and at the invitation of head coaches. Whether we are on the sidelines, on the road, in the locker room or at a hospital bedside, we are ready to reach out a hand to students with this crucial service of presence. Chap Andy is in attendance at other Laker sporting events offering encouragement and support to teams that do not currently have a designated Life Coach.


Supersonic – is SUPERSONIC!  This is our featured monthly ministry event for GVSU students and their friends. Our location is just down the road from the Allendale campus, at Life Stream Church.  Students love the fun, competition and good Word; plus caring fellowship with a great home cooked meal. Supersonic elements include music and message, friendly competition, prizes and a caring leadership team ready to serve.


SERVE Trips –  Each summer we take a team of students to SERVE a needy community.  Next spring we are Florida bound, teaming up with a community youth outreach in Homestead, just south of Miami. Serving alongside this local organization, students will make a difference in this needy community. Traveling and working together with students presents a powerful time to build relationships while making an impact on our world!  SERVE Homestead is April 30 to May 7.

MomM.O.M.’s – Mom’s Offering Meals – is led by volunteer Sherry Schut.  Sherry heard the about all that is happening at Grand Valley at her church one Sunday.  She wanted to be sure that students who were recovering from surgery or illness had the opportunity to have a home-cooked meal delivered to them by area Moms.  You can be sure this is a BIG hit with our students!  When Sherry gets a call, she puts her team of M.O.M. volunteers into action!  We love our M.O.M.s!

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