Supersonic – our Life Coaches currently serve Lakers football and lacrosse (Anthony Adams), track and field/cross country – men and women (Tony Bonacci) and softball, volleyball and basketball (Chap Andy McDaniel). Life Coaches are on call 24/7 reaching out, serving, ministering, encouraging and challenging students, athletes and coaches.  Whether we are on the sidelines, on the road, in the locker room or at a hospital bedside, we are ready to reach out a hand to students with this crucial ministry of presence. Each week during football season we are able to provide cupcakes through an amazing volunteer Mom to the team after practice. This is well received as you might imagine! We also provide opportunities for student gatherings that include meals, encouragement and fun throughout the year as opportunities present themselves – Christmas, NCAA Championships, etc.

SERVE Trips –  Each summer we take a team of students to SERVE a needy community. This past spring we served Oak Tree Ministries in Mark’s Village, an inner-city, under-served community located near Woodlawn High School in Birmingham, Alabama, where Chap Andy began his ministry to student in the 1970’s.  We also led a trip to SERVE Lumberton (NC) devastated by flooding from Hurricane Florence.  Our women’s basketball team spent a couple days serving locally at Camp Roger and Life Stream Church. Serving alongside local organizations, we are able to make a difference in needy or recovering communities. Traveling and working side by side with our students presents a powerful time to build relationships and exhibit a faith filled life while we make an impact on our world!

Faith Building – We offer Bible studies as requested by coaches or students. We also provide mentoring and materials for students desiring to lead Bible studies for their teams. We currently have a wonderful, well attended student led Bible study for track and field/cross country team. This year there is also a student led chapel for football.  We provide Bibles to students who do not have access to God’s word. We continue to serve and encourage our student alumni as they complete their college educations and transition into their adult lives and careers. This has been an unexpected privilege and delight as we offer wisdom and then watch how God uses these amazing young people for His purposes!

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