Serving Students – Moriah staff are on call 24/7, reaching out, serving, encouraging and challenging students.  We offer students care and support in the “game” of life. Whether we are in the student center, online, in the stadium or at a hospital bedside, we are ready with this crucial ministry of presence.


Supersonic – is SUPERSONIC!  This is our featured monthly ministry event for GVSU students, alumni and their friends. Our location is just down the road from the Allendale campus, at Wellspring Church.  Students love the fun, competition and good Word combined with caring leadership and a great home cooked meal; all offered by a Christ-centered, committed team of staff and volunteers who are ready to serve.


SERVE Trips –  Each summer we take a team of students to SERVE a needy community.  Next spring we are Birmingham (AL) bound, teaming up with a community urban outreach, students will make a difference in this needy community. Traveling and working together with students presents a powerful time to build relationships while making an impact on our world!  SERVE Birmingham is April 29 to May 5, 2018.


M.O.M.’s – Mom’s Offering Meals – is an awesome part of our ministry.  We want to be sure that students who are recovering from surgery or illness have the opportunity to enjoy a home-cooked meal delivered to their door.  This is a BIG hit you can be sure!  When we get a call, our M.O.M. volunteers spring into action!  We love our M.O.M.s!


NEW – Alumni in Action – Our grads have taken on the privilege of praying for and encouraging current Lakers by “adopting” a current student and praying them through the year.  This is a powerful connection that makes a significant, caring difference in the day-to-day experiences of GVSU students from our grads who know what it takes.

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