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Moriah Ministries Mission

Moriah Ministries is locally and uniquely designed to serve the students at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan.

Barna research shows twentysomethings are the most spiritually resistant age group in America. Most of them pull away from earlier participation in the church, particularly during their transitional “college years.”  This troubling information draws us to the students of GVSU with a determined and heartfelt commitment.

The mission of Moriah Ministries encompasses these four distinctives:

Faith Building – Helping students as they establish and grow in faith through chapel, community church services, shared meals, Supersonic and caring mentoring.

All Access – Being available 24/7 to encourage and serve students through their transitional years at Grand Valley State University.

Life Coaching – Providing a life coach to serve each GVSU team; offering care, encouragement and support in the “game of life” to athletes under the direction and at the invitation of head coaches.

Culture Impact – Hosting service trips both here  and abroad enabling students to serve locally and in the world community.

Practicing a ministry of presence, serving students without discrimination, whether we are on campus, online, at a Lakers game, sharing a meal or on a service trip, our goal is: Encourage students as they make lifetime decisions and walk beside them as they develop and walk out their faith.

 Oversight of Moriah Ministries                      

Moriah Ministries is governed and led by a Board of Trustees who prayerfully make ministry,  financial, business and personnel decisions.  They faithfully shoulder their responsibility for Moriah Ministries.

Gregory Zost – Chair

Mark Windemuller – Vice Chair

Michael Waldschlager – Secretary

Noah Menerey

Board Member Emeritus

Randall Burghart


Moriah Ministries History

Moriah Ministries was incorporated in 2007, began student ministry in 2008 and completed its constitution and bylaws and received it 501c3 non-profit status in 2009. It is overseen by the above listed local board of trustees and has at its focus a faith-building outreach to the students of Grand Valley State University during their transitional college years.

Moriah Ministries is… opening doors and serving students at GVSU