Moriah Ministries

Moriah Ministries is a hometown ministry created to serve the students at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan. Moriah is unique in that we serve all students while keeping a God given focus on students with little to no church background.

The mission of Moriah is for all our students to have the opportunity to know who they are in Christ.

We practice a ministry of presence, serving students, faculty and alumni without discrimination, whether we are on campus, online, at a Lakers game, sharing a meal or on a service trip, We encourage students and alumni as they make lifetime decisions and walk beside them as they develop and practice their faith on campus and in the world.

Moriah Ministries is designed to mentor, encourage and build the faith of students.

Moriah Ministries gives students a safe place to grow in their knowledge of the Lord.

Moriah Ministries presents a worldview in light of God’s word, offering students a Biblical perspective.


                   Moriah Ministries History

Moriah Ministries was incorporated in 2007, began serving students, completed its constitution and bylaws and received it’s 501c3 public charity non-profit status in 2009. It is overseen by our local board of trustees and has at its focus a faith-building outreach to the students of Grand Valley State University during their transitional college years.

Moriah Ministries is… opening doors and serving students at GVSU